Bonus Episode - Tom and Sam

The First Recording.

In this bonus episode of the podcast we hear from Tom and Sam as they make their own eternity-crisp selections. The recording was made shortly after the tragic plane crash which saw the pair marooned on a small island in an endless sea.

In 2004 a Ryanair plane carrying some of Britain’s brightest acting talents and Sam Pamphilon and Tom McCall crashed somewhere in the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Rico. Luckily most of the survivors were picked up by a Japanese herring trawler but Tom and Sam where never found. 

Washed up. Abandoned. Stranded…

And now the unlikely pair find themselves on a desert Island with only their conversation to keep them from going insane - that and a couple of sex dolls made from coconuts.

There are many burning questions that face humanity. Why are we here? Are we alone? What does it all mean? But none more pertinent than "What's your favourite crisp?". In fact "What are your 3 favourite crisps?" 

Adam BrownComment